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About Alternative Consciousness

We are a group of citizens that really care about spreading peace, love, joy and consciousness on Earth, independingly of any ideology or religion. Since 2015, we organise the monthly virtual global even 24 hours for Peace on Earth, so that each one could reconnect to her or his inner peace and spread it to the world. In Paris, we organise a monthly meditation with this same intention.

Our activities

Work for
the Peace on Earth

The 1st saturday of every month, we propose a global virtual event aiming to connect hearths and minds beyond borders to create global peace, and offer it to the whole Earth.

Create links
between Peace creators

We are committed to creating links between all those who wish to invest their time and energy for peace, in order to allow them to unite their forces, ideas and enthousiasm.

Offer a different point of view on the news

We relay little known information and different viewpoints about what the news. The aim is to allow a wider consciousness of what is happening in our world.

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